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Unlock a clear understanding of the effort and activities that go into supporting customers, segments, and product lines to increase NRR with unparalleled efficiency.

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Game-Changing Insights

CultureScience has become the go-to tool for understanding my team's activity and assigning accounts based on available capacity. The insights provided are game-changing, and not something I could realistically produce on my own.

Russ Danford

Dir. Customer Success, Sense


Deliver World-Class Support

CultureScience is CS Operations secret sauce! Administrating systems and planning initatives requires a healthy, happy, and productive team. This tool lets me see what's working with our humans, so our systems and automations keep making their lives easier... and help them better serve our customers.

Shona Fenner

CX Ops @ PetDesk


Increase Engagement

Engagement and burnout have been increasingly trending topics since the pandemic started in March of 2020. CultureScience empowers me to learn where my team is struggling, prompting action with easy to understand alerts.

Alex Colao

Chief Revenue Office, MFour


Answers, not anecdotes

Managing the modern customer team is complicated.

CultureScience aggregates data from all of your business tools and automatically determines the efforts and activities that go into supporting customers so that you can identify how to grow revenue with unparalleled efficiency. You'll go from relying on anecdotes to crystal-clear data for determining how to manage, scale, and prioritize customer-facing efforts.


your team

Objective measures of team and individual capacity - as well as the main time sucks - help you identify areas where you have untapped bandwidth as well as overloaded team members

Uncover untapped capacity

Identify areas where your team has untapped potential

Hire responsibly

Use data-driven insights to hire at the right time on the right teams

Remove drags on productivity

AI identifies topics and tasks that are draining time from the team.


your clients

Understand each client + client segment’s footprint across your entire organization to ensure your team is intentional and strategic with their efforts.

Improve Client Prioritization

Ensure team effort aligns with revenue and that enough attention is going to the highest upside clients.

Increase Margins

Measure support costs vs ARR to ensure healthy margins per customer segment.

Ensure world-class support

Establish and maintain client communication goals with no process change needed.

Keep track of key client trends

Monitor key trends and topics arising across all communication channels


Flexible Analytics

Access insights how you want them:


Executive Summary Reports

Receive custom reports to monitor team KPIs


Push Alerts

AI-powered alerts ensure you're up to date on what matters


Customizable & Embeddable Dashboards

Want to explore the data on your own? Dive deeper via customizable dashboards, or embed our insights directly into the BI platform of your choice!

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A billion dollar problem

Most teams are pulled in too many directions.
They struggle with collaboration overload, communication bottlenecks, work-life fatigue, and more. They know problems exist but don't have the tools to make things better.

Harvard Business Review icon
Harvard Business Review

U.S. companies spend $37 billion dollars a year on meetings. 71% of senior managers view them as unproductive.




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Meeting volume more than doubled from 2020 to 2022 while time spent in meetings increased more than 3x.



Superhuman icon

Thirty percent of workers report their biggest distractions are incoming messages and overflowing inboxes.



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Calculate your savings

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20% improvement in collaboration efficiency

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Integrate your existing business tools without any coding or development time, and immediately access the insights you need to build a high-performance business.


Connect Your HRIS

We accept everything from spreadsheets to direct HRIS integration


Connect Existing Business Tools

Integrate easily with "1-click" integrations


Measure and Improve

Gain immediate access to insights
and alerts

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Privacy & Security First

Improve output and efficiency without sacrificing privacy for…


Messages stay private icon
Messages stay private

Individual message content, such as that found in email bodies or Slack conversations, is never visible on CultureScience.

Business metadata only icon
Business metadata only

We only process data from your existing business tools and never access data such as web browsing history or screen activity.


Data is encrypted

Data is encrypted end to end to provide a robust layer of security for your business from the moment your data is transmitted to our platform.

Revokable Access icon
Revokable Access

You can revoke permissions and remove data, at any time, with no notice required. We believe in putting you in charge of your own data.

SOC 2 Compliant icon
SOC 2 Compliant

CultureScience is both SOC2 Type I and Type II compliant and undergoes regularly scheduled 3rd-party penetration testing.

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